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For more information about this project, contact Dr. Hope Elizabeth May, here.

"A Revolution of Thought" is a "Thought Community" dedicated to investigating the philosophical, ethical, legal and spiritual dimensions of organized violence and the ways in which inquiry and rational activity are used in its service, with a special focus on the testing of nuclear weapons, their use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the International Law that has developed in response thereto. This site focuses on that specific topic and on our activities/resources connected with it such as the 30 poster exhibition currently installed in Powers Hall at Central Michigan University.

The term "
Thought Community" was coined by Ludwik Fleck in his book The Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact - originally published in German in 1935. A Thought Community [Denkgemeinschaft] consists in a "Thought Collective" which embraces a certain "Thought Style" by which information is assimilated and organized. Our Thought Community organizes incoming information around the ideas of peace (construed positively and not merely as the "absence of war" but as the presence of human rights, justice and respect for human dignity), peace history (including the history of international law), humanity, harmony, and autonomy.

Our members include various students and faculty affiliated with Central Michigan University including:

1) The Honors Program
2) The Department of Philosophy and Religion
The Center for International Ethics

In addition, our community includes organizations external to Central Michigan University including:

Student Pugwash USA
The Cora di Brazzà Foundation
6) The Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
7) The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
8) Peace Culture Village

Our Thought Community was established in 2020, in connection with the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The seed from which this Thought Community grew was an alliance between the Center for International Ethics and The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The alliance was established in 2013 through a sequence of events connected to the 100th anniversary of the Peace Palace in The Hague.
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